Don’t settle for a writer when you need an architect

You’re snowed under.

Too many projects. Not enough time. Not enough talent.

And too many freelance candidates who – well, they’re great writers, but is that all they bring to the table?

Do they have the business education and corporate experience to really understand your challenges?

Can they think deeply and plan strategically as part of your team?

Are they more than copy writers?  Can they help you create your vision as communications architects?

I am a fast and creative copywriter with more than two decades of experience at a $12 billion energy company. I excel at probing deeply into complex topics to write fresh, insightful copy about emerging technologies and industry issues.  As an MBA, I understand the language of business. And as a long-time chief speechwriter, I have an executive’s perspective on messaging that emotionally connects and logically persuades diverse audiences.

See why I’m different.