My background

I began my career in communications at age 17 as a college radio deejay. At the end of my sophomore year, I was offered the opportunity to turn pro.  Much to my parent’s dismay, I dropped out of college and spent the next 10 years as  a medium-market newscaster and news director. It was here that I learned how to write fast and fresh takes on old news every hour, on the hour.

When radio stations began scaling back their commitment to news in the early 1980s, I moved to newspapers. I worked as a general assignment and police reporter, business and feature writer and columnist.  I learned how to dive deeply into stories and find compelling angles other reporters missed.

I returned to college in my early 30s and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and later my MBA. After college, I applied my skills to a new challenge: corporate writing.  I wrote about energy, environmental remediation and advanced research at one of the nation’s premiere national laboratories.  There I learned how to assimilate complex technical information from some of  the most brilliant scientists in their fields and translate their work into stories that anyone could understand.

Later, I was hired by $12 billion energy company where  I worked more than two decades as an executive speechwriter and corporate copywriter and communications strategist.  In this phase of my career, I honed my skill in matching content and tone to the needs of diverse audiences.

Today, as a freelance copywriter, I love digging into challenging assignments that require deep knowledge, keen sensitivity and –  of course – a talent for words. There’s nothing I love more than distilling complex, wide-ranging information into accurate and persuasive stories that resonate with diverse readers, from farmers to senators, from regulators to Wall Street analysts.

When I’m not at my keyboard, you’re likely to find me tramping through the mountains with my dogs, indulging my passion for nature photography,  or visiting friends in Brazil, practicing my Portuguese and enjoying the finest food, the greatest music and the warmest people on earth.

See samples of my work.